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We are here! Our first ever “blog”! What to write about? What to say?

I used to write for the Red Deer Advocate before I became a designer/colour consultant for Fargeys Decorating Centre some eight years ago and it feels good to stretch the fingers and literary brain cells to bring decorating tips, do’s and don’ts, applications and exciting trends back to our new and existing clientele. I am also now Fargeys’ General Manager, I design custom drapery and blinds as well as source our new selection of décor items. But how does one “blog”? My best estimation is that I will write and hope for someone to read it. It will be considered a bonus if we get some feedback!

First I would like to introduce our company; Fargeys Decorating Centre has been in business in Central Alberta since 1962 and is locally owned by Brad Makarenko. With over 54 years of experience, we offer our customers our best in Benjamin Moore Paints, Hunter Douglas and Maxxmar custom blinds, top quality fashion fabrics for custom drapery, bedding and pillows, as well as wallpapers from leading brands both in stock and by special order, and now, unique and fashionable home décor items. You will see this more as you navigate our new, super spiffy website!

Fargeys prides itself on our level of customer service, colour selection and offerings, tips, custom matches in paint and stains as well as trouble shooting through more difficult applications. And while we may be a company of a certain “vintage” (no one should ever describe themselves as ‘old’ you see), our company has recently rebranded with our new look and transformed from a paint store to a fully integrated design centre. This includes all of our locations in Red Deer and Lacombe. We couldn’t be more excited!

To those who may have read my previous articles, you will remember that I write with a certain amount of humour or some would say, sarcastic “flare”. That said, my intention would be to entertain you rather than “school” you on any particular topic so for those who are new to following me, and of course Fargeys Decorating Centre, may we all find a good chuckle through the intricacies of painting and design.

For example, and to prove my prowess as an expert in my field, I would like to share a little story of my first day at Fargeys. Believe it or not, I quite often tell people this as an example of why you should paint the inside of your closets white or the lightest colour of your scheme. It should be about the colour of your clothes more than the walls in there, after all.

After meeting the owners, at that time Brad’s father Ed was still with the company, and making it through the interviewing process, I was quite keen to make an impression at my new position. Of course there are the first day jitters of not knowing anyone or what exactly one is supposed to be doing. “Don’t be late for your first day.” Rule number one. I told myself this and, to be honest, (who really sleeps well heading into a new job?), I was up early and ready to head out well ahead of schedule.

You see I’m also the mother of three and my daughters were only four and five at the time. “Don’t wake up the kids.” Rule number two. So as I am tip toeing around the house, gathering my design kits and purse, I decided not to turn on the lights as I’m putting on my shoes. “This is going well.” I’m thinking as I start the car and pull out of my drive.

I’m a good mother who likes to give small chores to her kids. (I say this now, as you will begin to put this story together.) I am also thinking I’m quite fashionable by having my designer ankle boots in two different colours, black and brown being a staple in one’s wardrobe, and organizing the shoes at the front door is a perfect task for a four year old. Right?

After all the introductions with the staff and a brief tour of the sales floor, I was left to myself for a moment. “Double check the outfit.” Rule number three. And there you go. Twenty minutes into my new job as Fargeys’ Colour Consultant, professional and expert, this girl discovers she has on matching shoes but one in black, and one in brown. Yup. This girl, right here.

Panic! Hide! “What do I do?!” Hide? Panic?

“Wait…. This actually pretty funny! I’m going to just see who notices by the end of the day and then I’ll tease THEM!” This is how my sense of humour works. And while some did notice, some did not. Not only did I learn to check my shoe colour EVERY DAY since, I learned to turn on the lights so I can actually determine my colours better, thus it is essential to have the proper lighting and paint colour in closets to prevent this embarrassment for every other person out there. It is also important to note, I didn’t actually die from this experience and therefore, there is nothing that can’t be fixed with a sense of humour.

May you chuckle at my expense for some time to come. May you still consider my twelve years of experience helping our clients select colours, window coverings and home décor to be more telling than my inability to put on shoes. May you feel enchanted and intrigued with discovering, or rediscovering, more about Fargeys Decorating Centre that you decide to follow our blog, our website and our Facebook page.

Until next time,
Jenny Kennedy

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